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Helllo everyone,

I am new to this community and wanted to say hi: Hi!

I am a German teacher-slash-writer. I have written one full length novel, loads of stories, some poems, some plays and some movie/TV scripts. None of them ever got published so far, probably because I'm not working hard enough to get them sold.

At the moment, though, I'm translating my novel into English to try and sell it to publishers in the UK or the US. With me not being a native speaker this is hard work and currently I'm a bit frustrated.

I'd need a very good editor in the end to go through my translations, and I'm thinking that maybe I can spend this money smarter by hiring a translator to begin with. I just don't know any German/English translators. Can anyone help me? Does anyone here know a German/English translator, or know someone who knows?

In any case, I'm happy I found this community and I'm looking forward to meeting you guys!


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